Craft Beer and Chocolate? Oh yeah!

Beer ‘n’ Chocolate : : :

Vino & Vintage

Move over wine…chocolate has a new friend!

We all have probably heard or experienced the latest Craft Beer craze. Well, it’s now gone to a whole new level! Wine and Food pairing classes may be easy to find, but thanks to 2 Chicks with Chocolate, you can now experience one of the first and only “Craft Beer and Chocolate Pairing” classes! That’s right…beer!

We recently teamed up with Yo Philly Foodies who were invited to check out 2 Chicks with Chocolate‘s brand new class and asked us to tag along. (To read their review: Click Here.) A little skeptical at first and feeling out of our element, we couldn’t help but be intrigued. An hour and a half later, we surprised ourselves at just how much we enjoyed the right beer and chocolate combination.

Instructor Tara Nurin lead us on a casual, fun, informative, and tasty tasting…

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