Crunchy Licorice Snails / Chioccioline croccanti alla liquirizia

rise of the sourdough preacher


It has been a while that I’ve been entertaining the idea of experimenting a little with basic grissini dough and some time ago, a morning before going off to work, I baked my first batch of grissini snails.But having made the snails too big the result was quite mediocre. The exterior was crisp and crumbly, but as I finished nibbling all the outer part disappointment hit me, the inside was moist and soft. I set aside the snails idea for a while, making a mental note to create smaller snails, in short a bite-size version or as italian foodblogger love to call this kind of product: finger food. The idea came back at full speed after Michela brought me a fantastic licorice powder. Why not create a new flavor of sweet grissini – one of my favourite snacks – using licorice and shaping the dough as a spiral? The…

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