Greek Pizza



This Greek Pizza is a-ma-zing! and not only that it is super easy to make. All the toppings are added after baking the reason is because when you think of Greek food one usually thinks of fresh crisp veggies and olives and olive oil. Yes you can add them prior to baking its totally up to you but somehow this way you do not get a soggy crust and moreover the fresh crunchy veggies on a hot cheese drenched pizza just taste awesome, I was not feeling guilty while eating this pizza as my brain kept saying ” Healthy, Healthy, Healthy” because of the fresh veggies it saw (just kidding ) but seriously I loved it and so did my family, it was very fresh the veggies added a lot of crunch  I did sauté my peppers, just to reduce the crunch factor slightly but you can toss them as…

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