Piri Piri Chicken (Using a South African Marinade Recipe)

Insalata di primavera

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Grissini alla Paprika delicata senza lievitazione

Grissini alla Paprika delicata senza lievitazione. | chefs4passion |

Ida // Spanish Queso Fresco with Honey & Walnuts

Ida // Spanish Queso Fresco with Honey & Walnuts. | papayapieces |

Crunchy Licorice Snails / Chioccioline croccanti alla liquirizia

rise of the sourdough preacher


It has been a while that I’ve been entertaining the idea of experimenting a little with basic grissini dough and some time ago, a morning before going off to work, I baked my first batch of grissini snails.But having made the snails too big the result was quite mediocre. The exterior was crisp and crumbly, but as I finished nibbling all the outer part disappointment hit me, the inside was moist and soft. I set aside the snails idea for a while, making a mental note to create smaller snails, in short a bite-size version or as italian foodblogger love to call this kind of product: finger food. The idea came back at full speed after Michela brought me a fantastic licorice powder. Why not create a new flavor of sweet grissini – one of my favourite snacks – using licorice and shaping the dough as a spiral? The…

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Crema di Ceci con scaglie di Bottarga


P: I legumi li apprezzo particolarmente, li trovo decisamente eclettici e “trasformisti” poichè si possono abbinare indistintamente sia a pesce che carne, e possono essere pensati come aperitivo in monoporzione, sia come primo piatto, contorno o portata principale.

Ingredienti per 4 persone
320 g Ceci secchi
Bottarga di muggine
4 peperoncini
8 rametti di rosmarino
1 spicchio Aglio
Pepe di Sarawak
Olio extra vergine di Oliva umbro (www.barberani.com)

Ammollate i ceci per almeno 48 ore cambiando l’acqua un paio di volte. Se vi volete bene, lasciate perdere quelli nelle scatolette e i loro parenti stretti.
Vedrete il loro peso raddoppiare e il loro volume triplicare.
Sciacquateli, scolateli e metteteli in una pentola a pressione coperti d’acqua insieme a 4 rametti di rosmarino e uno spicchio di aglio. Fateli cuocere a fuoco lento per 2 ore – 2 ore e mezza.
Scolateli tenendo da parte l’acqua di cottura…

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Putin’s Energy Trumps U.S. Sanctions as Rosneft Extends Reach


Somewhere Between the Bid and Ask

One by one, executives from some of the world’s largest energy companies climbed the dais to sign accords with OAO Rosneft (ROSN) chief Igor Sechin as Vladimir Putin stood behind his blacklisted ally, nodding approvingly.

Executives from BP Plc (BP/), India’s Oil & Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC) and companies from Norway, Abu Dhabi, Venezuela, Vietnam, Cuba and Mongolia all signed deals at Sechin’s table on the last day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Putin has pointed to energy deals to show that U.S. and EU penalties imposed over his actions in Ukraine have little consequence.

“It’s pure foolishness for countries to talk about cutting their energy dependency on Russia because that dependency can never be one-sided,” Putin said. “It’s always a case of mutual dependency and that means it increases reliability and stability in the global economy and in energy.”

Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM), the…

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