MTC Challenge: Celeriac, Turmeric, Apple and Onion mini pies with dill brisée pastry/ MTC Challenge: Tortine al sedano rapa, curcuma, mela e cipolla con brisée all’aneto

rise of the sourdough preacher

mtc marzo 1

For this month’s MTC ChallengeElisachallenges us with a basic cooking preparation, brisée pastry. At first I thought I could not participate because the guideline called for the use of Michel Roux’s recipe. Fortunately, after writing to MTC’s staff I was reassured that in cases of allergies and health problems we were allowed to use other ingredients to substitute the ones indicated in the given recipe, so I decided to try out my first vegan brisée. Unfortunately my enthusiasm, I guess spoiled by my my natural inclination to rush into things, did not help. Unfortunately the sneaky pastry came out under cooked, but apparently fine as it looked perfectly cooked on the top and bottom. Since I liked the recipe very much and have no time whatsoever to re-try it alltogether I just tested the dough once more (also working it less as suggested by Roux) to…

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