Apple Rosettes

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Apple Roses

Roses!! These are not just a feast to the eyes but also your palette. Yes, these are edible apple rosettes. I just had to try them. These gorgeous and beautiful edible roses have gone viral on the Internet Space. I saw it first on Pinterest and since then there have been million renditions of it everywhere. Since I set on my eyes on this, I scribbled it on my ‘To- do’ list. Strangely it took me an year before I got to make them.  I wonder why!?!– It is incredibly easy and I usually have all these ingredients in my pantry almost all times. Well I finally got to make them last week, mainly because I need a quick fix for a dessert. Don’t they look so adorable and elegant.

For 6 Apple Roses:


2 large red apple

1 sheet of puff pastry

1 tablespoon strawberry preserve

cinnamon sugar…

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