Semolina or Upma Cutlets

My Culinary Saga


Today’s post is special because you get 2 recipes in one.  🙂 Read on!

Weekends we gorge on elaborate breakfasts! 🙂 Especially since the weekdays are marathons with us rushing to work and dropping kids off to school.  Also because we do not want to settle for the cereals and oats we have had all week. So the menu for last weekend Upma / Uppit (in South India). For those who do not know what Upma is – it is a very traditional savoury thick porridge like dish in India made from semolina ( Rava or Sooji) and veggies and tempered with a few spices. It is mainly eaten for breakfast but delicious as a tea time snack as well. This delicious dish is awesome by itself but is usually accompanied with different assortments like chutneys or pickle in various households. This recipe is also very healthy wholesome and can be…

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