Idli Manchurian

My Culinary Saga


Since my last post on Upma Cutlets, I have been requested to put up more recipes that revamp leftovers. So here is another one. The star of today’s dish – the humble Idli. For those who are curious to know what Idli is – It is a savoury spongy cake that is prepared by steaming a fermented batter of rice and lentils. Itis a traditional breakfast in South Indian households.


So I had some left over mini idli’s sitting in the fridge. You could use standard idlis and cut into quarters. I recently got my hands on a Microwave mini Idli maker. I am totally in love with it – so quick and easy to handle compared to the cooker idli stands. I am fascinated with mini versions of food. They look so cute. 🙂 The quantity was so little; that it didn’t make sense to make another…

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