My Culinary Saga


Happy Puthari everyone! Today, I am taking you on a journey back to my roots, my native, my happy place – Coorg. Coorg was our home, mainly for all our summer vacations back in our school years. I have beautiful memories and food stories attached to my land. And I intend to bring to you all those wonderful delicacies. We celebrated one of our most important festivals yesterday – Puthari. It is the annual rice harvest festival, usually falls towards the end of Novemeber or early December and is celebrated with grand fevour and gaiety amongst Coorgis / Kodavas.

The festival is similar to thanksgiving and brings the entire community together dancing and singing to the chants of ‘Poli, Poli, Poli Deva!’ Food is always an integral part of any celebration and Puthari is no different. Various rice preparations in the form of puttus and puddings ( payasam) are…

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