Homemade Spinach Pasta in Mushroom Sauce

My Culinary Saga


I have to admit, I was extremely nervous trying this recipe.  Don’t get me wrong. The recipe is fairly simple and has two very known components. Pasta and a creamy sauce.  So what was my problem? I had taken it upon myself to make everything from scratch today. That meant making my very own pasta dough. Yes I did! 🙂 My challenge was that I never ever tried it on my own.  Only watched videos of master chefs make the dough and roll out beautiful and perfect strands of it. My intention was not just to make plain pasta but fresh spinach pasta. 🙂 My other challenge was; I do not own a pasta roller machine, so I knew making this by hand involved some serious exercise. Well nothing is possible without persistence and so I set out with determination.

My husband exclaimed – ‘ You are really trying it ???!!??’


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