Banana and Nutella Eggless Cakelettes

My Culinary Saga


It is a special day for me today. 7 years ago, my husband and I promised to officially tie the knot & took a big leap. Our friends & family stood up for us and celebrated our togetherness.  We have come a long way since then and it has been great.

I am excited for another reason as well. Remember my post on Homemade Spinach Pasta and Mushroom Sauce. I won! I won! 🙂 Thank you Kriti@ Krispy Kadhai for the opportunity and liking it so much.

With two events to celebrate, I am sharing with you a super simple and easy cake recipe. It comes along with the goodness of Nutella and it is totally eggless 🙂 This is so quick – an hour or less from preparation, baking to eating it. Also a great way to use up all the ripe bananas in your fruit basket.




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