Akki Roti (Rice Roti)

My Culinary Saga

Akki Roti1

Akki Rotti (Rice Roti) is a rice-based flat bread unique to the state of Karnataka and common in every Coorgi household.  Essentially constitutes of rice flour and kneaded to soft dough.  It is a filling and versatile accompaniment to a variety of vegetarian or non – vegetarian curries and chutneys and can be had for any meal during the day.  If hot curries, aren’t your thing for early breakfasts then try akki roti  with a dash of homemade white butter and a drizzle of honey. This will simply wow you.  I have memories of my grandmothers toasting these in dozens for the whole family on wood fire. I never once heard them complain about the smoke or the effort. That was artisan bread cooking for me.

Honestly, it took me ages to perfect these. One, I had never made them back in India. I always had the luxury of being served…

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