Vada Pav



I tasted Vada pav for the first time in Hyderabad, some two years back in a very famous sweet shop ‘Gana’, they have a seperate counter for chaats and serve some really good chaats. Vada pav is one of them. I couldn’t stop eating after the first bite 😀 It was just awesome. Whenever we cross that area, we make sure to have vada pav there. But since its not too near from my place, I started making vada pavs at home. I read a few recipes online and this is how I been making the vadas since then. I generally make the non fried version (I make pavs at home and stuff the potato masala inside the pavs and bake) but this time I thought of making fried vadas. The pavs here are store brought, rest everything is homemade. You can prepare both the chutneys a day before and…

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