Paneer and sweet corn cutlet



Paneer is something which is not loved by the husband. But thn paneer is a vegetarian way of adding protein to the diet. I make paneer at home always. He doesn’t like having paneer cubes so I mash them and use it in making rotis or add it to curries or make sandwiches with mashed paneer. And now I make these paneer cutlets as well and that too very often. I love the way these paneer cutlets comes out always. Super easy to make and delicious. They are crispy from outside and just melts in ur mouth. I often make them for dinner and serve it along with roti and dal. Simple and satisfying dinner 🙂 I don’t use any Maida, Besan or pototatoes to bind it and shallow fry them so I call them healthy as well :mrgreen:


3/4 cup Grated/Mashed paneer
1/2 boiled and mashed sweet corn

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