Homemade frozen peas (Matar)



Green peas are in season and quite cheap as well. I never thought I would be freezing them at home but there is something really special about doing these things at home. A little effort it takes but totally worth it. This is the 3rd time I have made Frozen peas at home. The 1st time when I made it, I just removed the peas from the pods and put them directly in the freezer. It got spoiled in just a month. Than one of my friends, suggested this way and it works so amazingly 🙂 I visited New Delhi last weekend and didn’t have much luggage so bought some 5 kgs of peas from there as its quite costly in Hyderabad :mrgreen: The only difficult part of the whole process is removing the peas from the Pods 😂
Anyway, I will be explaining the way I do it below. You…

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