Pasta with Marinara Sauce

My Culinary Saga


Happy New Year to all my lovely friends and family!

I am back from a superb vacation in India – over pampered with so much love and affection. This time was special with all near and dear ones re-united and together for the holidays. Of course that meant overindulging on Food! Yes, I was over fed too. Oh! What a foodie’s paradise India is. 🙂 We totally luxuriated on all our favorites and returned a few pounds heavier. I wonder if I shall be able to shed them off.  But now the holidays are over, children are back at school and we’ve finished our first week back at work. To tell you the truth, normality resumed the very next day of our return. Damn, it was tough but deadlines at work made it easier settling in. That doesn’t mean I am over the ‘Holiday Hangover’. I am still basking in some…

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