My Culinary Saga


I am sharing with you another classic Danish favourite. Brunsviger is something between a cake and bread but absolutely delicious. It is essentially made from a yeast dough and glazed with topping of brown sugar and butter. Brunsviger became popular on the island of Fyn, where Hans Christian Andersen was born. However, some say its name was derived from the German city of Braunschweig, while others say it originates from Brunsegård in the Danish town of Tommerup. This classic has many versions of how it is served depending on the region. It is perfect for tea or coffee as the Danes would prefer.

It is often made for kid’s birthdays in the shape of girl or boy( kagemand), decorated with various small sweets, candies and little paper Danish flags.

This sticky caramel cake/bread will surely become your favourite too, once you try it. Sure is mine 🙂




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