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Cuore di brodo knorr – progetto club del passaparola


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Il progetto cuore di brodo knorr é la prima attività del club del Passaparola.
Cuore di brodo knorr è la scelt ideale per chi vuole sperimentare in cucina.
Ho ricevuto il kit i giorno del mio compleanno e con la scusa di amici e parenti che venivano a trovarmi per gli auguri ho iniziato la mia attività di ambasciatrice distribuendo campioni e buoni sconto. Essendo il kit composto da 15 campioni di cuore di brodo alle verdure e 15 campioni manzo ho optato per distribuire un campione di ogni tipo a persona.
Io invece ho ricevuto per me 1 confezione da 4 vaschette per ogni tipo:

1- cuore di brodo verdure, è ideale per cucinare primi, secondi e contorni a base di verdure o per preparare un ottima zuppa.
2- cuore di brodo manzo, é ideale per preparare risotti, secondi e sughi di carne, o un ottimo brodo.

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{Versions & Verdicts} Dini’s Best Spicy Sweet Chili Sauce


The best sweet chili sauce I have ever tasted!

Sweet Chili Sauce - TNSCC 1

As a person who loves to cook (and eat), I always have pantry-must-haves – two types of ketchups (banana and tomato), vinegars (apple cider, rice vinegar and the white one), dried powders, blah blah blah… and dipping sauce and that is sweet chili sauce. I always have a bottle or two and I make sure to buy one before it’s all gone. I can’t be out of sweet chili sauce or else there will be chaos. 😀 I don’t use them that much, but if I begin to, I could finish half of the bottle at once. And no, I don’t drink it. Really. 😀

Sweet Chili Sauce - TNSCC 4

I’ve always wanted to make my own sweet chili sauce, but I don’t want to use fresh red chilies. So when I found Dini’s Best Spicy Sweet Chili Sauce, I just couldn’t let it pass…

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Fagioli all’uccelletto / Fagioli all’uccelletto

rise of the sourdough preacher

fagioli all'uccelletto

Today I present you with a Tuscan recipe which I revisited, Fagioli all’uccelletto. A meat dish just for a change, a once in a while diversion from the usual bread baking routine. A nourishing and warming dish. Fagioli all’uccelletto is a traditional Tuscan dish, typical of the Florentine area. According to Pellegrino Artusi the name derives from the herbs and aroma used to cook this dish (especially sage) which where once used to flavour dishes made which had wild birds (uccelletti) as the main ingredient. This dish employs ingredients which are more readily available and serves as a mock version of those recipes. A rustic and rich meal, with plenty of animal and vegetable proteins, which is perfect to warm up the body and lift the spirit during those cold and gloomy winter evenings. I don’t know about you, but the perfume of meaty dishes, the sound of tomato and…

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Buccellato – Sicilian Christmas Nut Ring

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Happy Birthday to Me! Yeahhh! As you grow older the excitement of celebrating birthdays fades away and as a another digit adds up to your round number – the sulking increases. But I am not complaining or sulking – I believe the numbers are in your head. This past year has been special in many ways – I have learnt so much more, found new love, new peace and happiness within. I guess I really don’t have to tell – it probably shows! 🙂  I count my blessings each day and it your good wishes that keep me going. Thank you a million times for that. I feel settled which does not mean I am aiming low. There are still things on my list I want to learn and experience. And hopefully I achieve what I have planned for this year. I also want to thank some very wonderful friends I have made…

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