“Cuochi d’artificio”: Black Cracker Shells filled with Za’atar Hummus / “Cuochi d’artificio”: Conchiglie di cracker nero ripiene di hummus allo za’tar

rise of the sourdough preacher

black cracker shells with zaa'tar hummus - conchiglie di crackers nere con hummus allo zaa'tar 1

Food and trends. We can’t deny it for as long as food has been in the spotlight techniques, gadgets, ingredients and recipes have been changing from one year from the other as fashion trend have been since the past decades. We can’t have enough of novelty and our taste for the unknown, the most healthy, the most flavourful product has no end. This time I have been asked to work on the subject of fashion as trends in food. Something quick, easy but with an impact, something that could stand out of the crowd.Finger food is always on the spotlight, I guess our need to try everything we can and the exquisite look of bitesize treats do please the eye as it pleases the palate. As for baking addition of black colouring has been all the rage lately, ranging from black loaves to black hamburger buns. Black is also…

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