My Culinary Saga


There’s no disputing that it is every mom’s dilemma – how do I increase the intake of greens in my child’s diet. Trust me it can be challenge to feed picky kids and toddlers. And that’s why I absolutely love this recipe. Not only it is a good way to hide the greens, it is absolutely delicious and good source of proteins and iron.  Until last year, I would puree the cooked dal using a hand blender; so kids don’t see the leaves.  They loved this dal for its colour and deliciousness. (Tricks we mom’s have to do to ensure that our munchkins get their share of healthy dose, right?) And now that their taste buds are developed, I skip the pureeing and I am happy to say they still love it with the greens.

I am sure this will be one of your favourite versions too. Simple, delicious, hearty…

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