Red Velvet Cake Pops

My Culinary Saga


I know, these delicious Red velvet Cake Pops are exactly what you are craving for. So if you haven’t baked my Red Velvet cakes yet, get baking. And you can turn those into these adorable cake pops. These bite sized treats are a popular trend and perfect for parties. I guarantee, these red velvet cake pops will be a hit all year round at your place. What I like about them, that it is so versatile and can be customized to any occasion. Either bake your cake at home, or buy use a box mix or simply buy a store bought cake and crumble it up. Either way, it will turn out delicious. My two cents on it, it is a time taking process and patience is your key here. But it is all worth the effort. My daughters were in awe looking at it wondering whether it could be eaten. Kids…

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