Love Frappuccino

My Culinary Saga


Frappuccino is a basically an iced or chilled drink with flavorings and sweeteners, topped with whipped cream. This one is extra special made with love and doused with more love 🙂 I used my red velvet cupcake, strawberries and some ice cream to whip up a gorgeous looking frappe. I call it the ‘Love Frappuccino’. This was my special for Valentines using previously made Red Velvet Cake. I am a tad late to put this up but then you can always surprise your loved one with this drink. When you have your loved one with you, each day is a celebration of Love. 🙂

Serves 1


1 Red velvet cupcake, not frosted

50g cream cheese

200ml milk

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2 scoop vanilla ice cream, divided

2 large strawberries, roughly chopped

1 tbsp liquid red food colour (optional)

Red Velvet Crumbs, for garnish


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