Creamy cottage cheese and capsicum




Paneer is something my husband doesn’t enjoy at all. So I don’t cook dishes which has paneer as main ingredient. I do include paneer in our diet but my husband doesn’t realize that he is having paneer 😀 I mostly use grated paneer in everything especially to make him have it. This paneer recipe I am sharing today is my #OnePotMeal. When my husband doesn’t carry his lunch box, this comes to my rescue. I don’t really need Rice or any kind of bread with this paneer dish.I love bell peppers a lot, so I add good amount of those. The recipe is quite easy, a little creamy and absolutely delicious. I got this recipe from one of the food groups and shared it in my previous blog as well. Since I have made it so many times, everything has been adjusted as per my taste buds. Lets have a look…

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Fake it Like a Project Manager, for Designers and Developers

When I Have Time by Sara Rosso

In November I gave one of my favorite presentations so far. I was at WordCamp Berlin, and I wanted to talk about something near and dear to my heart: project management. This time I wanted to strip it down to its basics and speak to designers and developers as a project manager to say: “This is why we do what we do. It’s not because I (as a PM) want to know or micromanage your every move, it’s just that your specific move might be impacting every other thing in the project.” I wanted to talk about critical paths, communication, and dependencies to clear up what project management is all about and how every person needs some elements of it in their life.

And it meant I got to talk about spreadsheets.

And give a nod to…

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Etna Bianco Pietradolce: Nato Da Una Sfida Imprescindibile (Ciccio Sultano)

Vini di Sicilia

Un vino dai sentori di ananas e cedro, con un nota che ricorda la pesca ancora non perfettamente matura. L’Etna Bianco Pietradolce è stato selezionato dallo chef Ciccio Sultanoed inserito all’interno della cantina del ristorante Duomo a Ragusa Ibla, perchè accompagna perfettamente tutti i piatti a base di frutti di mare, esaltandone il loro pregiato sapore.

Sorgente: Etna Bianco Pietradolce: Nato Da Una Sfida Imprescindibile | Ciccio Sultano

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Ciambellone alle nocciole

Nizza Riserva 2015


With the 2015 harvest, one of the best in the area in the past 200 years, we’re going to make that #Nizza #vignavecchia which, thanks to the new Nizza docg production regulations, can now boast the name Riserva.
Nizza Riserva will be a Nizza which spends longer ageing in the cellar (at least 30 months instead of 18) and in wood (at least 12 months instead of 6), which will help us communicate to consumers one of the main characteristics of our wine: longevity.
This is why we have chosen new barrels, big ones, so that the Nizza matures in wood slowly and with less oxygen.
After lots of Nizza harvests, we know that our grapes require slow ageing in wood to guarantee longer evolution in the bottle. Another thing we’ve changed with respect to the past is the harvesting date; from a later harvest to make smoother Barberas to…

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Hummingbird Cake!

My Food escapades


A few days ago, I made a southern classic: the hummingbird cake. I used the southern living recipe, and the cake turned out to be absolutely delicious. The recipe is incredibly simple and the cake, though beautiful and delectable, does not take much effort to make at all!
Here’s a link to the recipe (the list of ingredients contains a link to the cream cheese frosting) :
Note: I added a little extra syrup from the pineapple, so my cake was a bit more sticky. I also reduced the sugar in the frosting (I might have used about 4 or 5 ounces less than the original), but the cake and frosting together were still perfectly sweet. In fact, if I had used the original, I would have over-sweetened.

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Risotto agli asparagi

cucina e cantina | Le Langhe tra ricette e fotografia

Oggi ho deciso di pubblicare un grande classico: la ricetta del risotto agli asparagi.

Anche se sembra una preparazione banale, in realtà di risotti agli asparagi “buoni” non ne ho mangiare tanti… il segreto è bilanciare al meglio la quantità di asparagi e riso, cuocendoli bene entrambi rispettando i loro tempi di cottura.

Dopo i bagordi pasquali un semplice primo piatto può essere il miglior compromesso per mangiare un solo piatto, sostanzioso ma allo stesso tempo leggero.

Il tempo nell’ultimi giorni è stato un’altalenarsi di giorni belli e brutti, e avevo bisogno di una coccola tutta per me, soprattutto adesso che stanno tornando le verdure di stagione che più preferisco (zucchine, melanzane e asparagi selvatici)

E voi lo avete mai preparato il risotto agli asparagi? qual’è il vostro risotto preferito? il mio io non so scegliere tra quello al barolo e tuma, quello al fondo di brasato e quello alla zucca…

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Penne salsiccia e panna

Il blog di Mammaformica


Privare la salsiccia della pelle e farla soffriggere in un po’ di olio. Sfumare con del vino bianco, aggiungere la panna e lasciar cucinare per qualche minuto. Portare l acqua a bollire e versare le pennette. Cuocere al dente. Scolare la pasta e condire col sughetto di panna e salsiccia.

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Torta umbra al formaggio

Una buona.. buonissima Pasquetta!