“Cuochi d’artificio”: Soft, sweet…Asia! / “Cuochi d’artificio”: Soffice, dolce…Oriente!

rise of the sourdough preacher

baozi dolci : sweet baozi 1

For this episode of “Cuochi d’artificio” I was given a very specific theme: steam. Not an easy one, especially since I was given the task of developing one or more idea for the long recipe part of the program. My first thought went to Chinese steamed bread, baozi, which I had been thinking of for a long time and planned to develop a sweet recipe soon.

I decided to play around different sweet stuffings, show both classic shaping of baozi and to try out other shapes which resemble very much Chinese dumplings. The result is very nice, especially since I decided to make mignon breads that are almost reminiscent of chocolates. Using saffron and matcha tea to colour the dough proved to be a good idea (unfortunately it didn’t work with beet…affaire à suivre).

Here you will find the recipe with all the right quantities to make these fluffy breads…

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