“Cuochi d’artificio”: Turmeric Bread Casket and it’s jewels / “Cuochi d’artificio”: Scrigno di pane alla curcuma e i suoi gioielli

rise of the sourdough preacher

Scrigno di pane alla curcuma 1

“All that glitters is not gold” has been the theme of the last episode of “Cuochi d’artificio” I took part to. My main inspiration came from Iran, a place I’ve never visited but whose cuisine I know enough to declare my love for. I imagined a chests, made of breadand filled with “precious jewels”. What about these precious jewels? The idea came from a Persian dish, Javaher Polow, which translated literally means “jewelled” rice. A spicy rice dish garnished with carrots, raisins and enriched with pistachios, almonds and barberries which are quite difficult to find here and I substituted with cranberries. The colours in this rice really resemble those of precious stones contained in a jewellery casket, don’t you think? I replaced the rice with chicken and made a turmeric flavoured bread which is ideal for appetizers and aperitifs. The size is small and the amount of filling used is…

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