Nizza Riserva 2015


With the 2015 harvest, one of the best in the area in the past 200 years, we’re going to make that #Nizza #vignavecchia which, thanks to the new Nizza docg production regulations, can now boast the name Riserva.
Nizza Riserva will be a Nizza which spends longer ageing in the cellar (at least 30 months instead of 18) and in wood (at least 12 months instead of 6), which will help us communicate to consumers one of the main characteristics of our wine: longevity.
This is why we have chosen new barrels, big ones, so that the Nizza matures in wood slowly and with less oxygen.
After lots of Nizza harvests, we know that our grapes require slow ageing in wood to guarantee longer evolution in the bottle. Another thing we’ve changed with respect to the past is the harvesting date; from a later harvest to make smoother Barberas to…

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