Cuochi d’artificio: “Messy Spring Frisella” / Cuochi d’artificio: “Frisella primaverile pasticciata”

rise of the sourdough preacher

Frisella primaverile pasticciata

It was a long wait…the first weeks of April showering with rain and confusing us with it’s sudden meteorological moods switching from cold autumnal temperatures to sunny days, but finally Spring is here to delight us with it’s sunny and mild climate. To greet the coming of Spring I thought up this simple recipe which I presented on my last recording at “Cuochi d’artificio”. The theme of the episode was “Mess”.

When speaking of mess, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? My mind wanders to pre-school age and I can see clearly a white paper block in front of me, plenty of maxi felt markers pens all around and a colourful scribble in the making. Mess means to me discovery, experimentation and the desire to try every new experience in a disorganized and frantic way…looking out for new shapes, colours and flavours. Precisely with this pattern…

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