5 Ways To Restore Your Natural Facial pH Balance & Cure Acne: Turmeric Face Masks, Rose Water, Chemical Peels & Products That Work!

World of Frances

From the age of 25 to now turning 29 in July, I have been battling what can only be put down to a hormonal imbalance; common yes, but does knowing that 25-30% of women and men understand what I am going through help? No. This has caused the roller-coaster or Acne Vulgaris, albeit not extreme, to recurrent blemishes and cysts.

If you struggle with bad skin, then have no fear; I have been trying and testing numerous products out and now undergoing bi monthly chemical peels to aid the process. I have listed below, some treatments, products and skin care regimes that have helped me get the affects this has had on my skin, under control whilst slowly but surely implementing long-term changes that are currently making a huge difference to my skin.

Chinese Face Mapping

face mapping

I could not possibly write a blog on skin, without first discussing…

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