Pumpkin erissery/ Mathanga erissery


e8Pumpkin erissery or mathanga erissery – Keralas hidden treasure.

KERALA, at the southern tip of  India, is known by as “Heaven on Earth”. It has tropical beaches, rivers and picturesque backwater districts, while the urban areas are more compact and more inviting than in other parts of India.

The long, beautiful beaches of the Arabian Sea in the west give way to paddy fields and backwater districts in the centre. The majestic Western Ghats rise in the east of the state, where numerous waterfalls, rivers and lakes are dotted throughout. They run along the western edge of the Deccan pateau. Almost everywhere you go in Kerala, the scent of beautiful spices fills the air.

Easy and simple step by step pumpkin carving.

e1e2e3e4e5e6e7e8e9Sadya  –  Kerala feast served on a banana leaf.

Pumpkin erissery or mathanga erissery is one of the essential dishes that is served during sadya. Pumpkin erissery recipe…

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