Sabudana Kheer



Festive season has begun, it brings lots of positive energy and of course food 😀 This is the month of saawan and we celebrate it by keeping fast on Mondays and no non veg for one month 😀 Some people also do not eat onion garlic during this period and shiv ji is worshiped. I have been keeping fasts from my childhood. As I have grown up in a joint family, keeping fast was not that difficult. We generally do not eat salt when fasting. Fruits, makhana and sabudana kheer is what we have during fast. Sabudana keer is quite easy to make. We don’t add any dry fruit, saffron or even cardamom to our sabudana kheer. We like it plain and simple. In fact, we dislike any kheer with dry fruits 😀 so sharing my simple sabudana kheer recipe below.

I don’t make this kheer only when I am…

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