Sev tameta – Tomato curry topped with fried noddles

Ritz's Flavours

Sev Tameta – It is a curry with spicy tomato along with Indian flavours like Kesuri methi and Fennel seeds. Star of this recipe is “Sev”. It is Yellow, crispy fried noodles made out of chick peas flour. It can be easily available at any Indian store near by.


My mummy use to make it at home mostly during Diwali, using “Sancho”. Sev is very yummy and addictive to snack on. It can also be topped on Bombay styled Vegetable Sandwich. 

Did you guys realise that, This is my 50th post 🙂  (I am doing a little happy dance). When I had stated this journey I did not knew for sure that I would reach so far. In the process I have learned a lot about photography, different cuisines, places and their culture.


To top it all I have made some really nice friends, whom I would have never met or talked to…

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