Corn and Tomato Sweet Chutney

Indian Home cooking

photo-4 Add cashew nuts

Chutney is eaten with the food to enhance the flavor.Chutney recipe varies from place to place in India.Some are hot and spicy and some are sweet and sour.Indian kitchens are incomplete without chutney and papadums.Tomato-dates chutney is extremely popular in Kolkata.Most of the people in Kolkata eat chutney after having their  main meal as a dessert.In Kolkata, people love their sweets.At the end of the starter,side and main meal ,we will have different kinds of deserts as a starter,side and main.For example chutney as starter dessert,ice cream  as side dessert,rasgulla, and gulab jamun as  the main dessert . Yes, we are a very sweet nation,haha…

Today I am going to cook very simple chutney with tomatoes and corn.Why corn? Cause I had plenty of corn cobs in my fridge.Before it gets dry I will have to make something different with them.I have also added the cashew nuts…

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