How to make a heightened round shaped plate presentation: Moru curry/ Kalan (Spiced curd/plain yogurt)

moru2Always remember “BUFF” when plating food, balance, unity, focus and flow.
Heightened plate presentation consists of placing several elements on top of each other or in an elevated fashion to create a heightening effect. Add height to the plate, either you can add potatoes, rice or pasta, anything which is stable and should accompany the main course. Always think about contrasting the colours as well. Keep in mind that every element in the plate must play an important role in the texture and taste as a whole.

moru4Here we have done Moru curry (spiced curd/ plain yogurt) basmati rice, rainbow salad with honey and wholegrain mustard dressing. For the salad we have used Pearl barley, quinoa, couscous, chickpeas, red peppers, corn, and edamame beans served on Anaheim pepper boat. For the garnish we used dill leaves, watercress, parsley, olives and red peppers.

moru3Moru curry is a simple curd/ plain yogurt…

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