Bombay Style Breakfast Kababs

The Mint Thief


Our weekday breakfast is the usual cereal, toast, eggs. Because who has the time to cook something fancy in the morning? Ummm not me! But weekend breakfast holds a very special place in our heart. On Saturday’s Mr. Mint Thief happily takes over the kitchen & treats me to amazing breakfast like poha (flattened rice) , grilled sandwiches, pancakes etc. Sunday’s it’s our cooking together day, spending quality time with each other making breakfast. It is just the two of us in the kitchen with no distractions of cell phones, work, etc. It is way more fun and worthwhile to me to cook a meal at home with my spouse because there is so much more interaction and it is more of a bonding experience. This succulent kababs was our last weekend brunch which we made together.


These Bombay Style Breakfast Kababs; are classic breakfast comfort food & a family favorite. My husband’s favorite…

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