Art is Fun – Step by step tutorial for vegetable carving.


Do you want to try an art in food? Are you looking for food art tips and techniques that will help along in your plate or buffet presentations?

We would break into a cold sweat if asked to draw a picture in front of a group of people. We would deny any artistic talent, make excuses, and do whatever it took to avoid being on the spot with a pencil in their hand. But ask a couple of five-year-olds to do the same thing, and within seconds they‘ll be drawing, explaining, and creating artistic masterpieces for all to see. So what happens between the age of 5 and us that makes us terrified to draw? What makes us afraid?

Most people think artists have some kind of gift, and suppose that a some artists are born with a talent for art. But, if you looked at the childhood drawings of…

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