My fragrant rice soup with meat balls!

Indian Home cooking

photo-5 Aromatic rice soup

First  wintry breeze forces me to create this aromatic rice soup recipe with good old lamb meatballs.When I say the temperature 10 degrees on my phone, I started feeling dreadfully cold  instantly even though I was in a cozy situation. Lunch time has arrived.A perfect soup would be great to warm me enough.

Aromatic Ingredients Aromatic Ingredients

I had few Thai cooking ingredients,so decide to use them to fragrant my rice soup.The main aromatic ingredients in this recipe are lemongrass stick, lemon leaves, zest of lemon and lime.Jasmine rice is another flavouring ingredient.When all these ingredients go in one dish , trust me they will make your day aromatic.

I also had some lamb mince meat to prepare the kebab recipe.I thought meatballs would go well with the rice soup.I have used some winter vegetables in this recipe, but you can use any vegetable of your choice.It’s totally up to…

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