Kathiyawadi Undhiyu

Ritz's Flavours

Kathiyawadi Undhiyu is a one pot vegetable meal. It is a hallmark of Gujarati cuisine. Undiyu is prepared in winters using root vegetables, fresh beans and seasonal veggies.

Root vegetables used includes purple yam, sweet potatoes and baby potatoes. It is combined with fresh beans like cluster beans, flat green beans, broad beans and  fresh green chickpeas ( Jinjara). To them are added other vegetables like raw/ ripe banana, Cauliflower, Egg plant, tomatoes and frozen green peas.

“Methi na muthiya” are added to array of vegetables. They are small Deep fried balls made out of fenugreek leaves and spices.

In my recipe I have only used a few of the above mentioned vegetable as all of them were not available just now. I have used cluster beans, potatoes, egg plants, tomatoes, cabbage and frozen peas.

This is a Vegan recipe. I have made it Satvik as well, as we do…

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