Spiced stir fried sirloin steak – Sense of touch in cooking and eating food.


steak-6Hi friends  this is a guest post for  Suzanne from apuginthekitchen.com – Great food with a great passion in cooking. This blog is all about real food prepared with heart and soul. Suzanne’s recipes look so indulgent and appetizing. Guys if you have not visited her profile yet, please do it!!

Sense of touch in cooking and eating food – We rely too much on one or two senses like taste and sight when picking and eating food. But there is another, more enriching, ways. (colour contrasting / sixth sense of a chef/ art of plate presentation) from my previous posts.

People have forgotten to engage all their senses when selecting and eating food, meaning they are “disconnected” from it and their senses have become “lazy”. They are exploring ways of getting people to engage with food instead of just relying on sight. Some of them which…

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