Maroggia’s Mill Cookbook: Rustic Polenta and Mushroom Gnocchi / Il Ricettario del Mulino di Maroggia: Gnocchi rustici alla polenta e funghi porcini

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Gnocchi rustici alla polenta e funghi porcini 1

Here we come with a new appointment with Maroggia’s Mill Cookbookand polenta flour. Today I propose you a recipe for gnocchi which can also be used to recycle leftover polenta. Since I had to make polenta from scratch I decided to flavour it with dried mushrooms, and the result was excellent! An autumnal tasty recipe that I have no doubt your guests will fall in love with.

Rustic Polenta and Porcini Mushrooms Gnocchi
Serves 4 people

350 g AP flour
150 g polenta flour (about 300 g of cooked polenta)
600 ml water
15 g dried mushrooms
8 g salt
2 egg yolks

Bring to boiling the salted water, sprinkle the polenta and follow the cooking instructions.
Meanwhile in a bowl soak the dried mushrooms in boiling water.
When they are soft, lightly squeeze them and chop with a knife.
Add the mushrooms to the polenta and stir to…

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