Tips for plate presentation – Tandoori Salmon Fillet with a Coconut, Lemon & Herb Crust.


Plating food is an abstract work of art. If you practice it, you will love it more than cooking. In the modern cookery chefs are building intricate masterpieces of colour and texture that sprawl across the plate in pristine decadence. Chefs, if you have never tried yourself try it; it’s not hard as you think. Few tips can change the whole appearance of the plate. click here for tips for heightened round shape, colour contrastingstep by step plating on plate presentation

Always plan yourself before you do the plating. Imagine your plate, and in a piece of paper do your outline how you want the plate to be. Always bear in mind your main meal should stand out from the accompaniments and garnishes. Think yourself your plate as a garden, main course as a monument and the garnishes the flowers around. Your plate will be outstanding.

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