MTChallenge nr 60: Marchesa Casati’s tapas / MTChallenge nr 60: Infiniti auguri alla nomade! O anche le tapas della Marchesa

rise of the sourdough preacher


Another month, another MTChallenge! Mai‘s challenge is a tough one. Tapas! This month our MTC judges were really tough on us and we were asked to develop three recipes.

More specifically:

a. Proper Tapas, which are to be eaten from a little plate while seated. But beware, the recipe must not be something that has been thought of as a finger food, but rather a dish that becomes one by necessity. A piece of tortilla is considered a tapa, a spoon of soup too, a savoury biscuit is not.

b. Pinchos (not to be confused with Basque Pintxos) is a finger food that you pick up with the use of a toothpick. So, unlike Tapas, Pinchos are born to be eaten in one bite. The only limit regards consistency, as the toothpick is essential.

c. Montadito are slices of bread or mini rolls/buns on which different ingredients are…

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