Easy way of styling a dish – Ricotta spinach tortellini with Makhani sauce.


tortallini-makhani-3If you go to a good restaurant you could see they have used many techniques to embellish the dish to stimulate your appetite. One of the main components of this food styling is the focal point of your plating. That is where mainly our eyes get attracted. It can be either in the centre, or on the sides of the plate. Here in this simple recipe I am showing these with few tortellini pastas and basil leaves.

tortellini-makhani1tortallini-makhani5Shapes of some food items are great, especially pastas. Pastas like tortellini, ravioli, fusilli, farfalle are great in plate presentations. Here I have used ricotta spinach tortellini with makhani sauce.tortallini-makhani2

Pastas used – Ricotta spinach tortellini and spaghetti

Sauce – Makhani sauce

Recipe for Makhani sauce

Makhani sauce is one of the favourites’ among Indian sauces. It is a delicately flavoured sauce which has a taste of tomatoes, aromatic spices, butter and cream.

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